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Hello everyone! I’ve updated the Methodology section with some core principles that should be followed when starting a Blessing Bag ministry. I’ve also updated the “Distribution” section with some additional information to help you have the right heart about giving. I’m working on the “Donations” section now and should hopefully have information there in the coming week or so.

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Hi there,

My name is James Gamble and I’m writing this post to commemorate the launch of Blessing Bags are a great way for individuals and churches to help the homeless population. I’ve been a part of several churches that attempted to start a Blessing Bag ministry on several occasions, but nothing really took off. With this website, I hope to provide resources, templates, and tips that folks can use to start their own Blessing Bag ministries and have those ministries be successful.

I will have more updates over the next couple of months as I build out the website and begin researching in detail. Stay tuned!.